After the Hearing

· All parties will be noticed of the hearing panel's award as soon as practicable. The decision is binding on all parties and there are no findings of fact. It is a breach of confidentiality to discuss the matter of how the award was fashioned with the panellists.

· A party has the right to request a procedural review of the arbitration award by the Board of Directors only on the basis that there were alleged procedural deficiencies in the processing or hearing of the arbitration. The parties may have legal counsel present at the review.

· The Directors at a review will only consider those issues raised by the parties in their request for review. They will not re-hear all the facts and no new evidence will be permitted. And the Directors only have to the power to confirm the award or send it back for a new hearing; they cannot modify the award.

· The Association cannot enforce an arbitration award. If a party refuses to abide by an award, the award recipient will need to seek judicial enforcement.