Filing an Arbitration

To file an arbitration complaint you must:

· Complete, sign and date the Arbitration Request Form, which you may download and print from this website. Arbitration request forms should be typed or printed and indicate the amount in dispute and should be submitted with a legible narrative explaining why you feel you are entitled to an award, with any pertinent exhibits and attachments clearly marked. Eight (8) legible copies of all documents must accompany the arbitration request.

· The complaint must be filed within one hundred and eighty days (180) from the date the transaction closes or from the time the facts giving rise to the dispute occurred.

· Include an arbitration filing fee of $250 made payable to the Sacramento Association of REALTORS®.

· Obtain the complaining broker's signature on all requests to arbitrate. Arbitration may not proceed with the salesperson as the sole complainant.

· Be sure to determine the necessary and appropriate respondent depending on the circumstances of the dispute—usually the responsible broker in a commission dispute.