Articles and Behavior Which are Citable

Article 3:

· Attempt to change offer of compensation after being made aware of signed offer to purchase · Failure to disclose existence of dual or variable rate commission · Failure to disclose existence of accepted offers to cooperating brokers

Article 4:

· Failure to disclose REALTOR® interest in property being bought or sold

Article 5:

· Providing professional service without disclosing interest in property

Article 6:

· Accepting any commission, rebate or profit on expenditures without client's knowledge or consent

Article 12:

· Failure to present a true picture in real estate communications and advertising · Failure to disclose professional status in advertising and other representations · Failure to disclose compensation from 3rd party for services provided free to a client · Advertisement offering to sell/lease property without authority of owner or listing broker · Failure to disclose name of firm in advertisement for listed property · Failure to disclose status as both owner/landlord and REALTOR® or licensee when advertising property in which REALTOR® has ownership interest · Falsely claiming to have “sold” property · Registration or use of deceptive URL or domain name

Article 14:

· Failure to cooperate in any professional standards proceeding or investigation

Article 16:

· Use of terms of an offer to modify listing broker's offer of compensation · Placement of for sale/lease sign on property without permission of seller/landlord